Trout Stream Approach

Alright, you’ve just spent a pile of time and your parent’s money getting ready for this 5 day fly fishing camp experience and the last thing you want to do is blow your shot at catching fish because of a clumsy approach on the water.

Here are some tips that will help you connect with that slimy little devil and not send him packing instead…

Observe your surroundings – When you arrive at the fishing spot, take a moment and look around to see what’s involved. Are there trees or other obstacles that will make casting difficult? What type of presentation seems best?…dry fly, nymph, streamer? What bugs are around? Are fish rising? Is the water at a normal level? Think about exactly where you are going to position yourself to allow for the best possible approach.

Study up on trout habits – Knowing a little bit about how trout behave in their environment will go a long way towards a successful day on the water. For instance, trout ALWAYS face into the current unless swimming downstream. Given that, you are tremendously hurting your hookup odds by approaching the fish from upstream. Get below the target and present the fly upstream of it. The exception to this might be when swinging wet flies or streamers down and across or skating a caddis dry. 

Tread lightly – Fishing is really another form of hunting. Hunters don’t go out into the woods and shout for deer to come to them. They stalk quietly to avoid detection. Walk, don’t run on the stream and keep the splashing down to a minimum.

Stay low – Crouch down to stay as low to the surface of the water as you can. It is easier for trout to see you when you are standing up tall.

Dress in drab colors – Dress to blend in to the environment. You don;t see a whole lot of neon yellow in nature.

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