Seyon 2013 (Week 1)

I’m still absolutely blown away that we held our first ever session of Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp last year with only 9 kids, and have jumped up to 24 kids spread over 2 sessions this year!  It just goes to show how quickly a quality camp experience makes its way through the channels! 

For our first session from 7/13-7/17, we had 12 kids between 11-15 years old from NY, CT, NH, VT & NJ.  It had been raining so much here in Northern VT that I was really concerned that we wouldn’t get a break from the rain and all moving water would be blown out and unfishable.  Boy did we luck out!  A few days before camp, the skies cleared up and we had beautiful weather right thru the last day.  Of course I was greeted by severe t-storms Wednesday night when I got home, but at least they held off for camp!

All 12 campers showed up ready to fish, and we didn’t waste any time.  Mike stayed back with those that hadn’t fly fished before to work on casting techniques, and Art and I took the rest out for the evening hatch on the pond.  These kids were in their glory…finally at camp after anxiously waiting for the day to come, catching fish and loving every moment!  I fished with Spencer in my boat who had not yet caught a trout on his fly rod.  Spencer was a little shy and to himself until he stuck his first brookie on a dry fly.  This first major accomplishment of the trip for Spencer happened just minutes into camp and it was so rewarding to watch this child’s shy demeanor instantly replaced with confidence and pride.

The next couple days were split between trout fishing the pond, bass fishing on Lake Groton and tying flies.  Because the fishing was pretty darn slow on Lake Groton, we broke into smaller groups to fish some small streams which proved to be a great option!  These kids caught so many brookies on the small streams that I lost count.  I know that my group of 4 the last day landed 31 brook trout and missed probably another 100 in about 4 hours, and the other groups were reporting similar success!

These kids had endless amounts of energy and it was great seeing them put it all into fishing when there are so many distractions for kids these days.  I know that we’re making memories at this camp that will last a lifetime.  We’ll see many of these kids return next year and I’m excited to see how much they progress in a year’s time.  Thanks to all you guys… Mateo, Matt, Alec, Andrew, Ethan, William, Spencer, Zach, Peyton, Max, Tim and Ben!  You guys represent the future stewards of our fisheries.  As long as you dedicate yourselves to the things you love like you did this week, you’ll accomplish great things in life!


Thanks to Tiffany, Chris and the rest of the amazing staff at Seyon Lodge!  Also thanks to Arthur Rafus for being a great counselor and for snapping most of the photos seen below!


Best <“((((((><

Chris, Mike and Arthur




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