Seyon 2014 (Week 1)


For our first session of GMFFC for 2014, we welcomed 10 campers from all over the East as well as our second ever international camper from Quebec, Canada!  We had kids from Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and even Florida!  Out of 10 kids, we had 2 returning from last year.  We also had 3 different Max’s which was a little mind blowing, but we managed.

As usual, we had a great week with the kids and they were all raving about returning next year!  The most consistent fishing we had was on Noyes Pond, where we would fish to rising brook trout from right after dinner until dark each night.  The rains mostly held out for us until the last day of camp.  We spent that day mostly tying flies and resting up after hours upon hours of constant fishing.  The last evening it poured, but the kids were all charged up to fish Noyes!  So we bailed out the boats and hit the pond!  With sporadic Hex activity on the pond combined with the usual caddis bonanza, the fishing was pretty darn good.  I fished with Max A. in my boat that last night and we finally called it after landing about 17 fish and missing countless more!  We were absolutely drenched, but Max had a perma-grin on his face until the next morning!

As always we had lots and lots of belly-busting laughs and these kids were great to fish with.  I get more enjoyment out of watching these kids catch fish than I do catching them myself!  

Noah, Max A., Sam, Olive, Max H., Chris, Hunter, Max B., Finn & Sander….you all rocked this first session and we look forward to fishing with you all again soon!

As always, Tiffany, Chris and the rest of the Seyon crew offered unsurpassed hospitality in the perfect setting for our camp!

Week 2 starts in just 7 days!….See you on the water!—-<“(((((><

                                                                                                          Chris, Mike, Art & Steve

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