Seyon 2014 (Week 2)

For our second session of 2014, we welcomed 12 campers to Seyon Lodge.  Of these 12, we had 8 returning campers which made for a pretty cool week!  What made the week even cooler was the absolutely stellar fishing on Noyes Pond due to consistent Hexagenia hatches each night we were there.  At times there were so many fish slashing away on the surface that you could barely hear each other speak in the confines of a small row boat.  I’ve experienced some amazing hatches, but the high numbers of brook trout in Noyes Pond made for some unforgettable fishing!  Collaboratively, we were have nights that ranged from 75 to well over 100 fish landed between 4 and 14″!  That’s not counting missed strikes that likely totaled over 200 each night!  These kids we’re so spoiled on brook trout that were just punch-drunk on big flies, it was just silly.

The stream fishing was a little slower this session, but the kids still caught a slew of brookies in the S. Branch and some browns in the Wells.

Lake Groton produced a few bass and pickerel, and the highlight of our Lake fishing was when Jason D. hooked that massive smallie right in front of a bunch of us!

We had some pretty amazing wildlife encounters including a bobcat that darted in front of Mike’s truck one morning, a fawn that came and stood within about 10′ of us on the S. Branch for a few minutes and amazing loon action on Noyes.

We are super proud of all these kids and their achievements!  As of this session we’ve welcomed campers from, Colorado, Massachusetts, Florida, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, London, Maine, Maryland, Canada, New York, Rhode Island, Texas & New Jersey!  

Zach, Timothy D., Spencer, Mateo, Peyton, Timothy C., Ethan, Rob, Will, Jack, Jason & Angus, keep up the great work!  You all were an absolute blast to fish with and we hope to see you soon!

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