Seyon 2014 (Week 3)

Our 3rd and final session of camp for 2014 welcomed 11 campers of which 3 were returning campers!

Although we endured some heavy rains and missed an evening pond session due to t-storms passing through, we still managed to find some pretty epic fishing!  The biggest news was that of the Hexagenia hatch on Noyes Pond which doesn’t seem to want to end!  I’m writing this re-cap on 8/14 and I’ve heard that the hatch is STILL going on up there!

The Hex hatch had the fish really fired up and ready to eat.  As a result, the kids got to test out a variety of their own custom fly patterns on the pond, most of which got the trouts’ attention!

After taking a rain check from session 2, WCAX News reporter Dylan Scott made it out for our last night on Noyes Pond, and what a night it was! You can see the piece Dylan put together below, which was featured on the evening news the following night.

Thanks so much Timothy, Andrew, Luke S-B, Jaden, Calvin, Luke S., Nevin, Alex, Bennett, Daniel & Matt for a great session!  Also huge thanks to our amazing staff, Mike, Art and Bubba as well as Tiff, Chris and the great people at Seyon Lodge!

                                                               See you in 2015!



Stay tuned!….More pics coming!

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