The Fishing

With 8 major lakes and ponds ranging from 40-400 acres in size and miles upon miles of pristine trout streams, there’s no shortage of fishable water in Groton State Forest!

Noyes Pondimg_5330
Located right outside the doors of Seyon Lodge, this 39 acre pond is considered to be one of Vermont’s finest wild brook trout fisheries. Aside from the lodge itself, the shores of Noyes Pond are completely undeveloped and pristine. Fly fishing is the only method of angling permitted on Noyes Pond and must be done so via row boats provided by the park.

South Branch (Wells River)62832_589217454452553_982479171_n
Originating at the outflow of Noyes Pond, the South Branch is a fine little brook trout stream with healthy tree cover and steep runs and pockets providing an exceptional trout habitat throughout it’s length. Here we focus on light tackle and a stealthy approach to hook, land and release these wily Vermont trout.

Wells River20140624_094157 (1).jpg
The Wells River rises out of the hills and ponds of Groton State Forest. The South Branch empties into the main stem of the Wells River just a few miles from Seyon Ranch. The Well’s resident brown and brook trout are blessed with cool flows originating out of Noyes Pond and the South Branch, undercut banks and light angling pressure.

Kettle Pond11755698_10153498672081602_2296072999788928672_n.jpg
This 109 acre pond, located in the northern portion of Groton State Forest is a great place for paddling, swimming and fishing. Smallmouth bass, pumpkinseed and rainbow trout are the main game here.

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